ISO 31000 Advanced level - CRMIP™ certificate
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GNIC cooperates with NBN (the Belgian National Standardisation body) to provide courses on ISO 31000, preparing for individual certification.

In this 5-day interactive course, you will learn and practice how to develop the ISO 31000 framework to fit with your organisation’s needs and desires. You will discover how to match the ISO 31000 process with the governing practices in your organisation. You will build your own policies, plans and procedures to integrate risk management into operational processes at all levels of the organisation and how to tie into and align this with the already existing practices and decision-making present in your organisation. During these five days, you will work on your own case to produce the policies, plans and procedures needed to successfully implement ISO 31000 and get the benefits of it.

Event type
Certified Training
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Mercure Antwerp City South
Desguinlei 94
2018 Antwerpen